Monday, 30 January 2017


I've been spending time reflecting on, taking a closer look and rethinking the moulds as work in themselves - a sort of proto-potential space I'm thinking about how in the mind the void is 'completed' or filled.

Friday, 27 January 2017


The day has been concerned with thinking about and working with the idea of the look of science - working on imagery of the wax models, the physical space between - building on the knowledge gained in the AFM and microscopy workshops to create a mass of imagery. 

Friday, 20 January 2017


I have been thinking about the stuff that we don't think about..... the spaces between things.....the idea of negative space....the space of reading.....the idea of the void.....the question of volume. All this thinking has manifest itself in me creating a range of structures, making them into vessels which also made them static, taking them into my studio and casting in wax the spaces within the folded structures. The ideas, both conceptual and practical are embedded within the pieces in a kind of venn diagram mash up. Working over the day I have managed to take half of them out of the moulds and the other pieces are still cooling.   

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


The first of the banners is up - it's an introduction to the project with the blog site address

It has a slightly provocative text around belief, imagery from the first gif with a bookwork, students standing in learning collaborative mode within the clean room and a range of stills from the films of demonstrators engaging in communicating ideas. There will be more.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


a series of films - imaging and the image of science is at the heart of this piece, struck by the imagery created with the electron microscope and Atomic Force Microscopy I created a number of short films and still images which in themselves documented a number of bookworks that were made in response to hand movements and gestures within the lab. The films were treated to 'mimic' the effect of electron imagery.    

the 2 panel films below are a series of works that look at how science concepts are communicated through subconscious hand gestures in the lab which are juxtaposed with objects made in response to the initial movements. The duality creates a dialogue between documentation of the lab, a response between the static and the moving.
2 panel blue folded object - unfoldingthinking

2 panel blue triangle object - unfoldingthinking

2 panel over and under - unfoldingthinking

2 panels dark circle lots - unfoldingthinking

2 panels diff photo layers - unfoldingthinking

this film continues to explore how science concepts are communicated through subconscious hand gestures in the lab. The initial documentation of hand gestures is presented next to a film of a bookwork which has itself been taken back to the clean room. The screen duality creates a dialogue between documentation of the lab, and the object made in response.

room clean actions in dialogue with object - unfoldingthinking

Thursday, 5 January 2017


the 'break' has given me time to assess the huge amount of filming I did last term - in the final days I also generously got to document some particular pieces both in a clean space and within a glove box - thank you. I've been creating a number of films that have an element of narrative embedded within the pieces. In some ways the films reference themselves, they show where the initial ideas for the pieces come from within the work itself. This dialogue within the frame mirrors my experience within the project so far. This act of observing has been crucial to the works development. I'm uploading the films later so that they can be viewed to a wider audience - meanwhile here are some gifs that are an element of this conversation. (I've been watching a lot of Vapourwave videos over the break).