Saturday, 10 December 2016


A wonderful conversation about art around knowing what to do as there appears to be no right answer..... when asked how do you know that it's right? I had to think about an issue that I take for granted - the assume assumed knowledge of 'finishedness'. The answer It just feels like it felt wrong within the empirical context of science, the question required something more solid - the role of intention and experience and referencing examples of previous works, both your own and others became a part of the equation/conversation. The idea of faith and belief, of working within one's own knowledge bank was discussed as part of both a negative and positive part of the search for a balanced algebraic equation around when something was art. How a well constructed argument can become the fact, how depending who is saying it determines its truthfulness or at the very least it's value - the role of hierarchy and doctrines circled. Of course much of this has its parallel within the science world as I have witnessed within the practical's when anomalies within images have been dismissed - is this the same thing.....maybe?

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