Thursday, 2 February 2017


The films on the screens in the Maxwell Centre look fantastic, it's great to have a physical space to put them and be able to watch reactions as people walk past. Meanwhile I'm slowly gathering people to work with - the project is extending into 3D printing, we are looking at creating a series of twisted spaces that are almost unimaginable without 3D software. I've been working with Google Sketch up and I love the idea that the structures in the soft-wear both exist and don't, or more correctly they exist in two states simultaneously. This visualisation of imagined spaces links neatly with the idea of the void and my attempts to cast spaces that one can't see. As ever what is wonderful about the shared spaces in The Maxwell is that somebody inevitably walks past and a dialogue is struck up, this really is how learning takes place. Today I was informed that I'm working on things called antiprisms - who knew  - wonderful, this led to researching and developing new structures with a richer understanding as a result. Another conversation led to thoughts about crystallography, notions of symmetry and pattern making through convergent beam diffraction. The idea that the categorisation of objects taking place through observable functionality can lead to connecting with textile design is something I didn't start the day with.  Next week I have organised to put some of the 3D work in cabinets, this will, in my mind replicate the effect of the clean rooms, placing objects within defined spaces for the purposes of observing. 

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