Wednesday, 29 March 2017


There are endless starting points for lines of enquiry, almost to the point of becoming overwhelming. Using the lab based experimental science practice I have been exposed to as a starting point I have created a number of experiments which have manifest themselves within an array of outcomes - films, objects and prints. The flow diagram explains some of the thinking and lays out the order of activity.
From observing the hand movements within the lab when explaining scientific processes I had developed a number of articulated structures that were to be manipulated in the hand.
Electron microscopy sets out to map surfaces by 'firing' matter at the material they are investigating, the evidence of this activity is mapped. Extrapolating the space between surface and probe provides data to make sense of the surface.
I am currently following a line of enquiry that looks at this space between, making physical something that cannot be seen by casting the negative space of the folding structures that explored the hand gestures, fixing a moment in time.

I have developed the articulated structures into static 3D forms by fixing the shapes, transforming the nets into boxes and casting their internal spaces. I have been looking at casting the space around the negative forms so that the 'empty space' is revealed.

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