Thursday, 20 April 2017


The idea that we don't actually touch anything, that we have to think about what we mean by touch has been in my head today. One of the main ideas I have encountered within the residency is that at a nano level our world is concerned with, in fact defined by forces. If we think about making sense of the world in this way, of defining our relationship between things within the context of forces it is mind altering. The 'space between', the 'negative space' is something that I have been working with but my thinking has been concerned with trying to map the space within an articulated object which can be changed. I've been considering this concept at a smaller structural level - this video is really helpful to gain an understanding of close packed structures I've been thinking about this idea within the context of electron microscopy and in turn I have been making links with the idea of the 'empty space' between atoms within material. Although not actually empty - as it appears to be about flow, the constant exchange of forces, plasmonics.  Which links back to the initial structures I've made - could the functionality of the structures, with their specific movements, determined by their structure, be a way of looking at the mapping of this flow?

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