Friday, 7 October 2016


another great day - the morning was all about Atomic Force Microscopy - the excellent practical session covered the many systems and the 'how to' of operating an AFM - it's all about calibration - there are lots of procedures to follow. It really is an extraordinary idea - working within a system of what is known and then measuring forces - the unknown becomes the known. I got excited about record players and needles and sound, thinking about the possibility of translating the output of the surfaces we were mapping into a soundscape.....
at lunch the journal discussion was an eye opener into how to actually read a science paper. It's deconstruction was extraordinary in its detail, again I'm impressed by the openness to new ideas and enthusiasm for learning in the room. In the end it was a lot about the need to publish and evidencing  your existence. For the next paper I might internet stalk the writers, checking out who they know, who they went to school with and which bakery they get their bagels from. (reference to Nobel Prize!) (an in science topology joke!)
In the afternoon I decided to latch onto a laser course - thinking there might be actual lasers but that was a mistake as it was a health and safety laser course .......... but it did yield a found text ...

local rules rule
its advised to align at low power but things only happen at a higher power
using mirrors, the tools for looking but there is a fear of stray reflections
looking back scattered controlling - is it light tight?
working within a failsafe- an invisibility laser
enclosing enclosed beams controlling controlled beam blockers
trapped light is spilt through escaped angels
the greatest fear is letting the beam go off to infinity - lost even to remote viewing aids.

do we have a crime scene?

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