Monday, 3 October 2016


working with notes made last week - a 'found' text.....

nano structures often process a large degree of fabrication randomness

Who are we?
We are atomic force microscopy.
We are fluid analytics looking for equity for value.
We are biomechanics exploring mechanical stress transfer.
We are the orbital angular momentum of light but it's okay because graphine is not conductive and we can get from hydrophobic to hydrophilic using UV light to change and monitor, its a controlled release, the gas sensors  detecting plasmodic enhancement.
We are a growing Penrose tessellation, an idea before its time like raman scattering spectroscopy before it.
We are an arrangement of macromolecules, themselves  molecular crystals with DNA, these are optically driven like the structure of scientific revolution.
Our plasmodic responders create meta materials which lead to nano particle jewellery, nano knitting needles or a self cleaning fabric with luminescent down shifting with hydrophobic or even superhydrophobicity containers self emptying, it's a solution based problem.
Looking for a reason we use paperbased polymers, a nano substrait or maybe we need to explore the lithium market to create a clean box or water filtration, its sustainable insect technology .
Thinking can we get a functionalised electromagnet, a nanogenerator possibly made with hierarachical carbon nanotubes using advanced bio-nanomaterials.
We are interested in fundamentals this is why we are here.
We are looking for tangible results in the crystal growth of novel nanomaterials whilst experiencing ambient vibrations in the piezoelectric materials which are creative and innovative.
We acknowledge the Von Neumann bottleneck.
We are often genetically engineered by mimicking hierarchal natural structures.
We balance toxic substrates creating active spaces like nanometer cubed using nanophotonics and single molecule chemistry but remembering that efficiency is not the same as effectiveness. It's  like an e-skin integrated by weaving hetero structures developing a technological readiness level  from basic principles to operational.
We are involved in bionano engineering,  where bio meets inorganic? But what happens when a virus meets a nano particle? DNA is a polymer often extracted and connected using photochemistry in optofluidic microreactors exploring lightmatter interactions.
Often photonic scattered light interferes through a hollow core, the  photonic crystal fibre celebrating optofluidic through the creation of tools enabling the ability to measure things through light, leading to reaction monitoring - designing optical appearance with natural polymers.
It's important that we review progress constantly engaging in self reflective thought supported by our gantt charts that we update daily. If we haven't found a problem we haven't tried hard enough. We often experience glorious failures which are underpinned by hard work and when looking at the space between often cell morphology and substrate stiffness generate acoustic waves.
We worry that we don't have the bandwidth to do this task sensing using acoustic waves, possibly using a floating control which utilizes frequency tuning  and magnetic acoustics.
It has to be neurological,  neurofunctional where micro fluidic or artificial photosynthesis, self assemble exhibiting algal bacterial mutualisms, from unbalance to balance its microbial using micro dots or quantum dots.
We simplify to understand our role, providing solutions and storytelling often using micro electrical mechanical systems and optomechanofluidics.

all this is underpinned by serious fiddling about 


  1. *Penrose* tessellation, surely?

  2. of course - my apologies to you and to the man himself!