Sunday, 2 October 2016


Wow - back and beginning to reflect on the week - there will be more thoughts later - I was party to so many wonderful conversations - one story told to me has stayed - i loved the reason why she became a scientist  -  looking at a book, feeling its surface, looking at it, really looking - getting a microscope - the microscopes became more powerful - this to an exposure to ideas of quantum physics and then an understanding of electro-static repulsion between electrons and the phenomena that we never actually truly touch anything.... truly mind blowing and then one of the many questions after my presentation - if we take the premise that as humans we are all books and if we are alive the book in question is unfinished. What format would you use to represent this phenomena? this why I am here.......already I have so much to think about. The assumption that science is a block of knowledge was quickly broken down after a few conversations - it transpires that I was surrounded by people that also had little or no understanding of what is being spoken in the numerous talks - the specifity of the individual fields has atomised the world we inhabit. When typing up my notes most it is challenged by the underlining red line of disbelief that is spell-check - its as if the archaic framework of words even within the technology of word processing  is yet to approve of the new frontier like Zeno's paradox attempting to catch up with science. Entering into a world of science has enabled a degree of reflection on my own practice. Science rather than being about magic appears to be all about making sense of the natural world around us whilst the arts and the world I have evolved in is involved in the creation of imagined places which we inhabit and then tell stories from within. The making of tools to map, examine and explore is at the core of what nanoDTC appears to be involved in. I'm looking forward to making tools to navigate this new world.

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