Sunday, 6 November 2016


Friday's practical - gas absorption - appeared to involve very expensive equipment that was very fragile. Apart from the obvious (the ability through building metal-organic frameworks to calculate the surface area of solid matter at a very small level) my lack of ability to engage in what was happening within the technical and expensive grey boxes meant that I started to almost start to observe from another part of my brain - I watched the demonstrator 'explain' some of the overarching concepts, processes and outcomes with hand gestures - I became mesmerised by this and an idea started to manifest itself - a thought .... would it be possible to use the hand gestures that explain scientific theories as a way or system to manipulate or handle the objects I am going to make?
This would enable me to explore the relationship between a thought, a gesture and the tools used for thinking.

The rigorous nature of optimisation is compelling - the complex relationship between the optimised moment and the notion of the beautiful and perfect - the unsaid notions of beauty and perfection - what makes something perfect? - Is there an excel spreadsheet somewhere containing the formula's that I can use to calculate this? like the use of BET isotherm to determine the surface area of a solid?

working within stability - the spaces that are created to work in have super restrictions. The limitations are important to enable the focus to be on material not on the space - this space is often noisy and needs to be made to seem quieter.
the specific methodologies around particular science activities at this level appears to be highly complex - just the idea of how the stages in the process were developed - from the mixing of a particular metal and linker to the machinery created to monitor seems both incredibly focused and random (I understand that this latter feeling is due to my lack of knowledge). the number of options seem limitless and possibilities are afforded by  the level of knowledge of material properties - this is the key.
and afterwards.....
searching for the right answer which appears to be found within balance - the creation of beautiful arcs from the data by focused reduction and data manipulating/handling.

and then again words and their meanings became filtered - my lack of understanding meant that their meanings were translated, changed enabling a reread/rethought. 

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