Wednesday, 9 November 2016


the cleaning of surfaces that are already super smooth - ultra smooth - the concept of a master copy - the calibration of material to specific frequencies - using heat and light to print and more cleaning, always cleaning - the stripping of surfaces of unwanted unknown information in preparation of the addition of the known. Everything is considered in respect to something else.

Today I have been thinking about extending the idea of a nanocraft into a nanofolk-law - the act of passing on stories - every profession has its insular language - assumed knowledge - known known's but when standing inside another world which is outside one 's own the realisation of this is heightened - the series of practical's are a rich time where students are exposed to the creation of words and phrases that have in themselves been passed on -  knowledge is built but where did it come from originally? Today I was aware of the mass of chemistry - there was a 'wall of chemistry talk' - it was wonderfully impenetrable and a joy to watch/listen to. This transmission, this transfer of knowledge is observed in the demonstrators who run the practical's, their urgent, constant need to find ways to communicate the ideas they are working with. The hand gestures today were fascinating within the clean rooms of Scalable Nanofabrication, Nanoimprint. In electro deposition the concept of self limiting - an idea that a material 'knows' when to stop - the actions of a material are embedded within it and it can react no more or/and these reactions can be constructed and defined in accordance with the wishes of the maker - calibration and optimisation. As a child I have a dim memory of electroplating a copper penny with 'something' all with material my Dad 'borrowed' from work! but today there was something alchemic in the dark room as the mundane was tarnished with gold. 

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