Saturday, 19 November 2016


what started out today as a mistake became a fascinating experience. turning up a week early for a practical meant that I was obviously in the wrong place - but I decided to take part in the same practical as Wednesday - this time with a different group of students and a different demonstrator. The idea of science craft and nano folklaw is now firmly in my mind - very specific tasks were undertaken in a completely different way - the end results were the same but the particular way in which to undergo this activity will now be practiced and passed on - thus the individual is enabled and celebrated, their presence  becomes embedded within the craft. This idea of our interconnectedness with each other through small incremental exchanges is a reminder of my own relationship with the students I encounter or indeed the concept of legacy beyond physical presence. I often find myself reflecting on an action I have been taught or enacting a process that is 'second nature' but sometimes I am unable to recall the moment of initial learning and the names and faces are a distant hazy memory but this seems okay because it feels as if they are still there moving my hands through time. 

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