Friday, 18 August 2017


The drawers which house the work within the Cavendish Museum have a number of labels on the outside which both form part of the book-like qualities of the piece and provide an invitation to their opening - together they form a text piece

what does science look like?
repetitive actions repeated
the space between
to be repeatable
controlled and recreated
noisy like air
evidence of activity
building a set of rules
intentions and actions
thinking outside thinking
tools for thinking
balancing always balancing
imagined spaces
a space of possibilities
assumed knowledge
presenting evidence
controlled spaces controlled
optimisation is compelling
in stillness and silence
potential for revelation
nano folk-law
tools for the mind and hand
thinking through making
limitations are important
making the invisible visible
created spaces controlled
grasp an understanding
make science
of something dimensionless
defiantly transitional
a block of knowledge
potential for revelation
the ritual of work
interesting not interesting
object making
things that are true
spaces are created
engagement with rules
measuring forces

thinking about possibilities


The banners are up and looking good - they provide a contextual explanation for the work on display within the Cavendish Museum.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


I've been looking at this diagram/sketch in my notebook -
the film is the result of this reflection. The engineering problem of contracting and expanding is fascinating.