Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


I've been fascinated by the imagery created within the various practical's - the idea of what science looks like has been at the front of my mind. The machinery used to create the look of science is often complex and huge! It appears that there is a correlation between the object observed and the machinery used, the smaller the material, the bigger the machine. I've been working on a series of images that have been informed by the experience of observing the Electron Microscopes and the images they create. Calibration often takes time and the images created are the evidence of existence so using Photoshop I have been thinking about and working with ideas such as alignment, shadow, opposites and presence. Next stage is to work with the moving images created using light and reflective surfaces.

Thursday, 15 December 2016


It was exciting to arrive in the Maxwell Centre yesterday to see the new films on the screens. They look great - for me they give a sense of transition - three have been loaded  - they are 'what inspired me to work with NanoDTC' - an early folded structure - 'my initial work on the project' - a film with sci-fi tendencies' and a starting point for a body of work' - the hands. to see the work in full it has Esther Morgan reading Industrian Light and Magic a poem she wrote in response to a conversation we had about me explaining death and the force #starwars to my eldest child.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


A fantastic session with the glove box today......for the experiment I had made a number of very specific structural objects in terms of their mechanics but more importantly in terms of the materials used. This is so that they can be operated within the narrow restrictive parameters of the glove box - one of the very specific spaces in which science is undertaken. The gas in a glovebox is pumped through a series of treatment devices which remove solvents, water and oxygen from the gas. Oxygen is removed by passing a hydrogen/nitrogen mixture through copper metal while it is heated: the water formed is passed out of the box with the excess hydrogen and nitrogen so I had to make devices that take this issue on board. A sideways thought - the idea of evidence of activity - documenting  the other - it might be interesting  in some way to look at the trace materials extracted that is sucked off and out of the materials and held in the suspension.

Monday, 12 December 2016


I've been looking at the movements used by the demonstrators when explaining various processes and techniques related to science, trying to isolate the specific and particular. They have been the starting point to create a number of new structures, these explore ideas around constraint, control, and order. Also the making and activating of very particular spaces, the specifics of non resonance shapes, particularly pentagons and the generality of the question what does science look like? Meanwhile I appear to of created a very specific structure recognised by chemists as dewar benzene. Apparently the structure has a very particular functionality.

Saturday, 10 December 2016


A wonderful conversation about art around knowing what to do as there appears to be no right answer..... when asked how do you know that it's right? I had to think about an issue that I take for granted - the assume assumed knowledge of 'finishedness'. The answer It just feels like it felt wrong within the empirical context of science, the question required something more solid - the role of intention and experience and referencing examples of previous works, both your own and others became a part of the equation/conversation. The idea of faith and belief, of working within one's own knowledge bank was discussed as part of both a negative and positive part of the search for a balanced algebraic equation around when something was art. How a well constructed argument can become the fact, how depending who is saying it determines its truthfulness or at the very least it's value - the role of hierarchy and doctrines circled. Of course much of this has its parallel within the science world as I have witnessed within the practical's when anomalies within images have been dismissed - is this the same thing.....maybe?

Friday, 9 December 2016


a day in Cambridge - but before arriving it required some planning - I am beginning to make connections with individuals - the process of collaboration is always interesting - what is possible, what is wanted and what is offered ... I realise that I am in other peoples busy spaces, infiltrating, so am trying to request and connect,  whilst being hyper accommodating and creating minimum fuss. A meeting with a possible 'real use' for my folding structures, developing the idea of touch and connectivity through conductivity and this space. I've made a number of new structures inspired by the hand gestures that I have witnessed. These are made of many 'harmful' materials (dust) so I filmed them within the space outside the clean room, although its proximity to the room still required care. This went well with some excellent images both still and moving. I feel I have created so much data from the session which I now have to look through to determine the next steps. It's always interesting to see what others do with the structures I make and there were a couple of moments of magic - especially explaining a 'science' idea whilst holding a non related structure - a form of meta moving sculpture communication - art/science squared. I also had a meeting to discuss placing my work in a glove box so I had made a number of structures that have non-invasive properties, basically fibre and moisture free. The rubber, metal and plastic pieces refer in colour, texture and in some cases material to the experience of the glove box itself. Obvious I guess as I was working within a limited material palette and parameters but not at the time of making - apart from the oppressive black rubber piece. I've agreed and arranged a time next week to do this - very exciting..... 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


a day in the studio - working on a number of strands - the images for the NanoDTC website, the design for the poster/exhibitions, creating a number of short films using light/lazers and then reflecting on the surfaces I created in the last session in the studio and bringing together the various elements through folding.  

Friday, 2 December 2016


A busy day in the studio cutting, folding and bonding - really pleased with the surfaces and now looking forward to seeing them manipulated in the hand. The circles are just the beginnings of ideas around location, light and looking. Mainly inspired by the act of looking through various microscopes over the past month