Tuesday, 27 September 2016


in the middle of the Autumn nanoschool and just acclimatising myself the world I am entering - trying to...... grasp an understanding of individuals research, work out how groups and science as a collaborative exercise functions, make connections with people I may contact later and explain my presence - so what is it YOU do? - finding the correct words that will land the idea on both sides has been interesting and I have valued individuals perseverance when trying to explain what they do to somebody not in their world - there is a language beyond the words - an approach... my last formal science experience was  as a 15 year old rejecting it for the arts - I have met many who have had the same experience through the education system but with science at the fore. But equally I have found that we have many things in common - a desire to ask questions, to communicate, to make sense of the world - some fundamental ideas - but as I have been told - this is what we are here for... I have been so impressed by the amount of work asked of and undertaken by everybody.

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