Friday, 9 December 2016


a day in Cambridge - but before arriving it required some planning - I am beginning to make connections with individuals - the process of collaboration is always interesting - what is possible, what is wanted and what is offered ... I realise that I am in other peoples busy spaces, infiltrating, so am trying to request and connect,  whilst being hyper accommodating and creating minimum fuss. A meeting with a possible 'real use' for my folding structures, developing the idea of touch and connectivity through conductivity and this space. I've made a number of new structures inspired by the hand gestures that I have witnessed. These are made of many 'harmful' materials (dust) so I filmed them within the space outside the clean room, although its proximity to the room still required care. This went well with some excellent images both still and moving. I feel I have created so much data from the session which I now have to look through to determine the next steps. It's always interesting to see what others do with the structures I make and there were a couple of moments of magic - especially explaining a 'science' idea whilst holding a non related structure - a form of meta moving sculpture communication - art/science squared. I also had a meeting to discuss placing my work in a glove box so I had made a number of structures that have non-invasive properties, basically fibre and moisture free. The rubber, metal and plastic pieces refer in colour, texture and in some cases material to the experience of the glove box itself. Obvious I guess as I was working within a limited material palette and parameters but not at the time of making - apart from the oppressive black rubber piece. I've agreed and arranged a time next week to do this - very exciting..... 

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